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 F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)
• What is authorization ?  
Authorization means permission granted by the prescribed authority for the generation, collection, reception, storage, transportation, treatment, disposal and / or any other form of handling of Bio-medical waste. 
For he authorization please fill up form-1 "APPLICATION FOR AUTHORIZATION" which can be downloaded from the website
• Can I treat my Bio-medical waste at my place ?  
Rules says you cant treat Bio-medical waste at your place either you should have your own setup of incinerator, autoclaves and shreeder as per central pollution control guidelines ( or you should join with (COMMON BIO-MEDICAL WASTE MANAGEMENT FACILITY SERVICES).
• How long can I keep Bio-medical waste at generation point ?  
As per study and guideline of BMW guideline 1998 you can keep waste up to 48 hours, if you want to keep for prolong period give some treatment of bleching and sodium hypo chlorite.
• At many places I have read that sodium hypo chlorite solution is the best solution to treat O.T. instruments, floors and others. Can you give some brief that how it acts and why it is widely used and accepted ?  
It has wide range of microbian activity and no irritant to skin


2HCLO - 2HCL + O2 
Nascent release which bring about microbial destruction by oxidation.
• I practice in remote area level where no CBMWTFS (common Bio-medical waste treatment facility service) nearby my place, how can I dispose the Bio-medical generated at my hospital / clinic?  
Now a days eleven facilities are working in entire Gujarat state, so you can communicate with them and can start service at your place. 
• I am doing only consulting practice, should I join with he CBMWTFS or get authorization of pollution control board ?  
First if you are doing only consulting practice and not generating ingle gram of waste, you need not register for the CBMWTFS membership or to pollution control board authorization. But if you are generating waste even one gram you should dispose your waste in a scientifical manner for the authorization if you have a indoor facility you but have a authorization of pollution control board. If you are treating more than 1000 patients per month don't take authorization but conditionally give one declaration on RS.100 stamp paper notarized copy to pollution control board, But you should be a member of CBMWTFS. 
• What is treatment of liquid waste ?  
You should keep one closed sodium hypo chlorite solution tank at your place give treatment to plastic waste and liquid body fluid for certain period than drain it in municipal drainage.
• I am doing pure ayurvedic/homeopathy practice, should I join CBMWTFS or get authorization of pollution control board ?  
NO - but in case of ayurvedic if you are doing practice of "KHSARSHURA","JALLO" you should join CBMWTS and authorisation. Being a homeopathic and ayurved practitioner of you are doing allopathy practice than you have to follow the Bio-medical waste rules. 
• I practice at 2 different places what should I do ?  
You have two different clinics a different places means different generation point, you should take two different authorization and membership as per rules.
• My wife and I both practice at one point in the name of one hospital, what will be the procedure of membership of CBMWTFS and government authorization ?  
Your generation point is the ame so you may go for one common authorisation and for membership of CBMWTFS charge will be individual as per category.
• What is annual report and how to keep record at our end ?  
Annual report is a report which shows your category wise generation and is quantity 7 mode of disposal of year. It is mandatory to each and every occupier to submit their data to GPCB before 31s Jan of each year, you may directly fill up the form and send it to pollution control board Gandhinagar or service provider will assist you by taking some nominal charge, Generally in month of December of every year you will get one letter from service provider along with blank form of annual report.