The year 1998 saw the Indian Government taking major indications to control and reduce various types of environmental pollution. The Bio-Medical waste management and handling rules have been notified in 1998. if regulated disposal of Bio-Medical wastes and lays down the procedures for collection, treatment and disposal and standards to be compiled with. To maintain the environmental standard it requires such instrumentation for disposal of Bio-Medical wastes.


The medical wastes should never be transported with general municipal waste and these should be kept separate at all stages. Special vehicles must be used to so as to prevent access to and direct contact with the waste by the transportation operators, the scavengers and the public. We carry Bio-Medical waste in a closed container in closed vehicles. 

Every Vehicle with GPS, It make it possible for people with ground receivers to pinpoint their geographic location.




There are four broad categories of medical waste treatment technologies,  adopted high temperature combustion incineration method under controlled conditions to convert Bio-medical waste into ash.


Incas of plastic Bio-medical waste, We perform autoclaving. It is a LOW-HEAT-THERMAL process and is designed to bring steam into direct contact with the waste in a controlled manner and for sufficient duration to disinfect the waste.



We have seen that in many cities, scandle of repacking and reusing of used needles, syringes and other plastic device for treatment has come out, to minimize these thing granulation, grinding, pulping are needed. To decontaminated and unrecognizable form we perform “SHREDDING” at our place.